De eerste uitzending van 2022 en tevens onze 500ste uitzending

Eerste uur:
Dream Theater – New Millenium
Silverlane – Hero INN Sunset
DeesieDjoeks – Kaboem
Album v/d maand: Tony Martin – As the World Burns
Black Label Society – Farewell Ballad
Blind Illusion – Straight As the Crowbar Flies
Iron Fate – Malleus Maleficarum
Epica – The Phantom Agony
Alice cooper – Brutal Planet

Tweede uur:
Inner Missing – Long odds
Cover v/d week: Punk Rock Factory – Rollin
Dio – We rock
Baggerbox: Kataplexis – Downpour
Unanimated – As the Night Takes us
Dokken – Kiss Of Death
Tygers of Pan Tang – Worlds Apart
Deserted Fear – Part of the end
Space parasites – …And Again
Argus – Lady Killer
Threads of Fate – The Cold Embrace of the Light