Uitzending door Eddie, Kevin en Theo

Eerste uur:
Iron Maiden – Can I Play With Madnes
Tony Iommi – Scent of Dark
Maryscreek – Buried Deep Within
Album v/d maand: Spillage – Real
Ratt – Body Talk
Whitesnake – Sweet Talker
Vengeant – Curse of the sands
Architects – Animals
Haken – Deathless
Victory – Gods of tomorrow

Tweede uur:
Nocturna – New Evil
Cover v/d week: Deep Purple – White Room
Lordi – Abracadaver: Devilium
Baggerbox: Lars Fredderikson – Skunkx
Mass Worship – Revel in Fear
Transport Aerian – The effect
Hitten – Built To Rock
Death – Open Casket
Swallow the sun – Bloom in Misery
Eternity’s End – Hound Of Tindalos