Uitzending door de volledig roa-crew

Eerste uur:
Rebellion – Verdun
KK’s Priest – Brothers of the road
Lower 13 – Refelction of Me
Album v/d maand: At the Gates – The Abstract Enthroned
Within Temptation – Shed My Skin
Metal church – Fake Healer
Megadeth – Me Hate You
Forbidden – Through the Eyes of Glass
Pain – Party In My Head

Tweede uur:
Armored Saint – Lone Wolf
Cover v/d week: Pantera – The Badge
Fleddy Melculy – Varken
Baggerbox: Mama ladilla – Ataka
Brothers of Metal – Chain Breaker
Crisix – World Needs Mosh
Gojira – Born For One Thing
Lacuna Coil – Bad things
Steel panther – Death to all but Metal
Death – Multilation
Metalwings – Monster in the mirror
Lamb Of God – Ghost Shaped People