In de uitzending met Eddie, Jordy en Kevin was de playlist als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Sick of the All – The Snake

Brainstorm – All those words

Ozzy Osbourne – I don’t want the change the world (live)

Album van de maand: Legion of the Damned – Black banners in flames

Evergrey – More than ever

Jerry Cantrell – Settling down

L.A Guns – The Devil made me do it

Autumn – Where the river ends

Iced Earth – Waterloo

Gwar – Viking death machine

Entombed – Thy kingdom coma

Tweede uur:

Malevolent Creation – End of torture

Cover van de week: Hammerfall – My Sharona

Soen – Lotus

Baggerbox: Weezer – Undone The sweater song

Hate Eternal – Nothingness of being

Scarecrow – Nightride

Pantera – Rise

Anthrax – Be all, end all (live)

Venom – Bring out your dead

Bad Religion – Let it burn