In deze uitzending draaien we (voorlopig) een laatste track van ons ”album v/d maand” Darkness – Blood on Canvas.

De playlist was als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Metallica – Battery

Victory – Count on Me

Midnightmares – Leave me with my Demons

Album v/d maand: Darkness – Nights in Turmoil

Nightwish – Perfume of the Timeless

Officium Triste – Behind Closed Doors

Ear Danger – Born in Hell

Black Sabbath – Get A Grip

Powerwolf – 1589

Tweede uur:     

Rhapsody of Fire – A Brave New Hope

Cover v/d week: Dio & Others – Welcome to my Nightmare

Act of Creation – Moments to Remain

Maatkare – War Before Peace

(Bagger?)Punkbox: Eddie & the Hot Rods – Get Across to You

Impact Approved – Pigslaughter

Paradise Lost – Entchantment

Nyktophobia – Farewell

Rollins Band – Liar

Megadeth – This Was my Life