In deze uitzending spraken we met zanger Tom ”Lenny” Lenaerts van de Belgische Thrashers Poseydon.

De playlist was als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Kerry King – Toxic

Portrait – The Blood Covenant

The Troops of Doom – Dawn Of Mephisto

Album v/d maand: Darkness – Defcon Four

Sebastian Bach – Freedom

Poseydon – Enter The Gates Of Hell

Boneripper – Metal Warfare

Pain – Not for Sale

Kk’s Priest – Reap the Whirlwind

Tweede uur:     

The Dead Daisies – Light ‘Em Up

Cover v/d week: Bruce Dickinson – All the Young Dudes

Sayas – There where light Remains

Grip Inc. – Ostracized

Bagger?(Glam)box: Winger – Miles Away

A Flourishing Scourge – Woe

AC/DC – Two’s Up

Poseydon – Artificial Intelligence

Blacklist – Blood Baptism