In deze ”reguliere uitzending” was de playlist als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Evergrey – Falling From The Sun

Holy Mother – Fire

Leather – We Are The Chosen

Album v/d maand: The Quill – Rainmaker

Khirki – Featherless

Wheel – Porcelain

Bruce Dickinson – The Tower

Halberd – Cyanide

Trower – Reach

Rage – End of Illusions

Tweede uur:     

Kerry King – Residue

Cover v/d week: Skid Row – C’mon and Love Me

Skulldozer – Thy Enemies Driven Before Me

EvilDead – Raising Fresh Hell

(Bagger?)Punkbox: The Damned – New Rose

Iron Maiden – Remember Tomorrow

Nuclear Tomb – Parasitic (Live a Lie)

Viper Witch – The Huntress

Anvil – Feed your Fantasy

Dream Death – Hear my Screams

Donder – Waarow