Deze avond heeft Bruce Dickinson – The Mandrake Project zijn vuurdoop als ”album v/d maand” gekregen.

De playlist was als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Accept – Humanoid

Samson – Riding with the Angels

Scarefield – Ancient Evil

Album v/d maand: Bruce Dickinson – Many Doors To Hell

Martyr – Raise your Horns…Unite

Ivory Tower – 60 Seconds

Alcest – L’Envol

Garden of Souls – In Disguise

Gilgamesj – Oppression

Ace Frehley – Cherry Medicine

Tweede uur:     

Wheel – Empire

Cover v/d week: Toneshed Recording studio All star band – Where Eagles Dare

Borknager – Nordic Anthem

Fusion Bomb – Nyctophobia

Baggerbox: S.O.B. – Speak Mouth Fuck You

Suicidal Angels – The Return of the Reaper

Unlocked – Shackled in Iron

Dream Theater – Honour Thy Father

Nothern Genocide – Harbringers of Genocide

Nuclear Assault – Radiation Sickness