In deze reguliere uitzending was de playlist als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Hammer King – The Devil I Will Do

Phrasing – Throw You Out

Emergency Rule – Bartender

Album v/d maand: Master – The Wizard of Evil

Slayer – Disciple

Heideroosjes – Blijven Schreeuwen

Lucifer – Riding Reaper

Vanden Plas – My Icarian Flight

Flotsam and Jetsam – I Live You Die

North Sea Echoes – Unmoved

Tweede uur:     

Judas Priest – The Serpent and the King

Cover v/d week: Dragonforce – Wildest Dreams

Austrian Death Machine – Destroy the Machines

Satanic North – War

Baggerbox: New York Dolls – Personality Crisis

Midnight – Nuclear Savior

The Obsessed – It’s Not Ok

Rotting Christ – Like Father, Like Son

Veil of the Serpent – Into The Moon

Sepultura – Come Back Alive

M.O.D. – True Colours