In deze uitzending spraken we o.a. met Insurrection drummer Douwe Talma! De playlist was als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Hammer King – Hailed by the Hammer

Korpiklaani – Saunaan

Bastion Rose – Halo Devil

Album v/d maand: Deathisfaction – Whistler’s Melody

Lionheart – Flight 19

Insurrection – Crimson Skies

Fear Factory – Shock

The Rods – Now and Forever

Accept – Breaker

Tweede uur:     

Dragonforce – Astro Warrior Anthem

Cover v/d week: Abbath – Make my Day

Morbid Saint – Swallowed by Hell

Gates Open – The Awakening

Baggerbox: Disclose – The Smell of Death

Insurrection – Hopeless World Below

Meanstreak – Roadkill

Austrian Death Machine – Don’t be Lazy

Comaniac – Eye to Eye

Dust Bolt – I Witness

Crisix – World Needs Mosh