Deze avond was de playlist als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Scorpions – Hour 1

North Sea Echoes – Open Book

Donder Brekkebuuls

Album v/d maand: Deathisfaction – Doombringer (The Rise of Devalotir)

Blaze Bayley – Cricle of Stone

Paul Di’Anno’s Killers – Children of the Revolution

All This Filth – Dark Hearts, Dead Minds

Whom Gods Destroy – In the Name of War

Heideroosjes – Sinema

The Obsessed – Realize A Dream

Tweede uur:     

Exhorder – Year of the Goat

Cover v/d week: Paul Gilbert – 2 Become 1

Scar 7 – Corrution

EXA – King Terror

Baggerbox: Black Flag – TV Party

Hellripper – Goat Vomit Nightmare

Infected Rain – Vivarium

Violent Sin – Malicious Stirring

Saxon – There’s Something In Roswell

Armored Saint – Can U Deliver

Godscum – Kill it