In deze eerste uitzending van 2024 heeft o.a. Deathisfaction – Blackened Reign zijn vuurdoop als ”album v/d maand gekregen. De playlist was als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Dream Theater – Take The Time

DGM – To The Core

Lucifer – Slow Dance in a Crypt

Album v/d maand: Deathisfaction – Blackened Reign

Dhalya – Rescue Me

Crimson Glory – Painted Skies

All My Shadows – The Phantoms of the Dawn

Holy Moses – Near Dark

Temic – Falling Away

Evergrey – Call out the Dark (piano version)

Tweede uur:     

Jelusick – Reign of Vultures

Cover v/d week: Lord of the Lost – Turbo Lover

Vltimas – Miserere

Shadow Empire – Demon World

Baggerbox: Birdflesh – Chainsaw Frenzy

Throne of Thorns – Underworld

Descent – Sufferd Reminders

D.A.M. – Man of Violence

Bloodphemy – From Suffering to Violence

Dimmu Borgir – Behind the Curtians of Night-Phantasmargoria