In deze uitzending was de playlist als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Judas Priest – Panic Attack

The Soutern River Band – Stan Qualen

Marc Hudson – Dracula X

Album v/d maand: KK’s Priest – Pledge your Souls

Doro – Children of the Dawn

Steel Panther – Teleporter

Firewind – Salvation Day

Lionheart – Give me the Light

Armorphis – The Bee (live)

Tweede uur:     

Angelus Apatrida – Snob

Cover v/d week: Maiden United – Sanctuary

Phil Campbell and the Bastards – Show No Mercy

Endseeker – Hell is Here

Bagger(hit)box: Manowar – Laut und Hart Stark und Schnell

Varg – Ewige Wacht

F.K.U. – The horror and the Metal

Poseydon – Haunted Souls

Scarlet – Ugly Fucker

Armored Saint – Last Train Home

Total Chaos – War is a Racket