Deze avond had Night Demon – Outsider zijn vuurdoop als album v/d maand!

De playlist was als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Lamori – The Eye of the Storm

AC/DC – If you want Blood…

Elegy – Manistation of Fear

Album v/d maand: Night Demon – Obsidian

Metallica – 72 Seasons

Redemption – Resilence

Baby Metal – Mirror, Mirror

Catalyst – Your Struggle

Extreme – Rise

Machine Head – Bite the Bullet

Tweede uur:     

Anthrax – You Gotta Believe

Cover v/d week: Paul Gilbert – Holy Diver

Nervosa – Endless Ambition

Thron – Return

Baggerbox: Manowar – Laut und Hart Stark und Schnell

Morbid Angel – Ageless, Still I Am

Todd La Torre – Apology

Kings Never Die – Stand for it All

Dead by Wednesday – Here Comes the Dead

Deathyard – Source of Life