In deze uitzending hadden we een exclusief interview met Sisters of Suffocation gitariste Emmelie Herwegh. De playlist was als volgt:

Eerste uur:

The Flood – The Flood

Roadwolf – On the Run

Jag Panzer – Onward We Toil

Album v/d maand: Siege of Power – This is Tomorrow

Kings X – Groove Machine

Alcatrazz – Battlelines

Sisters of Suffocation – Pay my Dues

Blaze – Ghost in the Machine

Testament – Nightmare (Coming Back to You)

Black Label Society – Concrete Jungle

Tweede uur:     

Bark – Rambler of Aeons

Cover v/d week: Denis Pauna – Seek and Destroy ZZ Top Style

Immortal – War Against All

Mammoth WHV – Another Celebration at the End of the World

Baggerbox: Slay-52’s – Raining Lobsters

Godsnake – The Sickening

Predatory Void – Grovel

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath (live ’83)

Metal Church – Pick a God and Prey