Deze uitzending was de playlist als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Saint Daemon – At Break of Dawn

Van Halen – Judgement Day (live)

Desert Storm – Cheyne Stoking

Album v/d maand: Siege of Power – Sinister Christians

Girish and the Chronicles – She ’s Heavy Metal

Formula 400 – Whiskey Bent

Majesty – Back to Attack

Massacre – Inhuman Condition

Winger – Proud Desperado

Anubis Gate – Never Like This (A Dream)

Tweede uur:     

Overkill – Wicked Place

Cover v/d week: Onslaugth – Let There be Rock

Phil Cambell and the Bastards Sons – Bite my Tonque (live)

Noxium Ferus – The Conjuration of Fire

Baggerbox: Lordi – Thing in the Cage

Dieth – To Hell and Back

Ottto – Dance of The Dead

Dark side of the Moon – The Gates of Time

Crisix – Full HD

Whiplash – Walk the Plank

Venom – Welcome to Hell