In deze uitzending hadden we een mooi interview met Siege of Power bassist Theo van Eekelen!

De playlist was als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Roxanne – Stereotypical

Hideous Divinity – Misterium Tremendum

Hellings – A fool in Love

Dark Angel – Never to Rise Again

Sweet and Lynch – You’ll never be alone

Album v/d maand: Seige of Power – Ghosts of Humanity

Grand Supreme Blood Court – Public Castration

Hiraes – Grain of Sand

Tweede uur:     

Ice Age The Needles Eye

Cover(mach up)v/d week: Black Doors – Break on through the Paranoid site

DevilDriver – Through the Depths

Black Rabbit – Hollow Eyes

Baggerbox: Saxon – Party ’till you Puke

Eradikated – Flames

Artillery – The Ghost of Me

Chronosphere – Brutal Decay

Haken – Taurus

Drowning in Blood – Resist, Revolt