Deze avond presenteerden we Siege of Power – This is Tomorrow als ”album v/d maand”.

De playlist was als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Seventrain – So Far

Metallica – If darkness Had a Son

Elvenking – Bride of Night

Album v/d maand: Siege of Power – Force Fed Fear

Dead End Irony – Patton

Avkrvst – The Pale Moon

L.A Guns – Shattered Glass

Extreme – Rise

De uitvaart: Lynyrd Skynyrd – Needle and the Spoon (live)

Space Chaser – Watch the Skies

Tweede uur:     

Devoted Fusion – King of Equality

Cover v/d week: Schizophrenia – Maze of Torment

Eradicator – Witness to the End

Cradle of Filth – She is a Fire

Bagger(cover)box: Hollywood Vampires – Put a arm around a memory

Death – Left to Die

Sammy Hager – Can’t drive 55 (live)

Enforced – Hanged by my Hand

Megadeth – Night Stalkers

Kiss – Take it Off