De playlist van deze avond was als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Metallica – Screaming Suicide

Redemption – Seven Minutes from Sunset

Megadeth – Almost Honest (live 1999)

Album v/d Maand: Obituary – By the Dawn

Uriah Heep – Choices

Ripper – Die While we’re alive

Prophecy – Kingdoms

Tygers of Pan Tang – Edge of The World

The Unslean – (In) Hell I Am

Tweede uur:     

Ad Infinitum – Seth

Cover v/d week: Saxon – The Faith Healer

Carrion – Abaddon’s Pit

Municipel Waste – Crank the Heat

Baggerbox: Blam! – Wake me up before you go go the Grave

Overkill – Bring me the Night

Metal Church – Fake Healer

Mezzrow – Through the Eyes of Ancient Gods

Jesus Piece – Gates of Horn

In Flames – Meet you’re Maker

Ozzy Osbourne – Patient Number 9