Deze avond had Obituary – Dying of Everything zijn vuurdoop als album v/d maand. Ook belden we met Marion Smit-Klein betreft Radio Viva presents: Fight Againt Cancer Festival.

Eerste uur:

Dream Theater – New Millenium

Greta Von Fleet – The Weight of Dreams

Wolfpact – Iron -Heart

Album v/d maand: Obituary – The Wrong Time

Dangerous Times for the Dead – Crystal Gazer

Uriah Heep – Save me Tonight

Girish And The Chronicles – Loaded

Seventrain – Save my Soul

Tweede uur:     

Dio – Along Comes A Spider

(Bagger) cover v/d week: Laura Guldemond – Happy New Year

Suicidal Tendencies – Cyco Style

Bodyfarm – Blasting Tyranny

Bagger(cover)box: Metallica – Borderline (live)

Carrion – Genetic Alteration

Dream Widow – March of the Insane

Doomocracy – Unorthodox

Annihilator – Downright Dominate 2021

Vicious Rumors – You only Live Twice