In deze uitzending spraken we met Greg Den Hartog betreft Steal Thy Roots! De playlist was als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Thin Lizzy – The Rocker (live (and Dangerous))

Candlemass – When Death Sighs

Status Quo – Down Down (live)

Album v/d maand: Diggeth – For the Sake of Rock ’n Roll

Sadus – It’s the Sickness

Steal Thy Roots – Limit of Opulence

Anthrax – Medusa (live)

Loudness – Tengoko No Tobira

Tweede uur:     

Lamori – Requiem

Cover v/d week: Megadeth – Delivering the Goods

Noxium Ferus – Cut off from God

U.D.O. – Holy

Baggerbox: Raped by Pigs – Silicone Prosthetics Fryer Maniac

Godsmack – Surrender

Ahab – Prof. Arronax’…

Eradicator – Witness to the End

Vio-Lence – Serial Killer

Tygers of Pan Tang – Never Give In