In deze uitzending kreeg Seventh Storm – Maledictus zijn vuurdoop als ”album v/d maand.

Eerste uur:

Megadeth – The Sick The Dying and the Dead

Grolshbusters – Ignorant

Type O Negative – September Sun

Album v/d maand: Seventh Storm – Gods of Babylon

Van Halen – On Fire (demo 1976)

Sagreveth – 22 Levels

Long Distance Calling – Kamilah

Anthrax – Room for one more

Folkrim – One Foming Waves

Tweede uur:     

Nickelback – San Quentin

Cover v/d week: Nomy – The Kids Aren’t Alright

Caseless Torment – Sons of Sodom

Baggerbox: The Dead Daisies – Face you’re Fear

Prey For Nothing – Ocean of Thar

Dead Head – The Festering

Suicide Silence – You Must Die

Godsmack – Straight out of Line

Iron Allies – Full of Surprises

Wings Of Steel – Wings of Steel

Vulkan – Redemption Simulations