Deze avond was de playlist als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Neverus – Banish and Burn

Ugly Kid Joe – Kill the Pain

Bullet To The Heart – Black Widow

Album v/d maand: A-Z – Stranded

Mantah – The Enemy

Ellefson/Soto – Vacation in the Underworld

Iron Savior – Tyranny of Steel

Candlemass – Scandavavian Gods

Joe Lynn Turner – Belly of the Beast

Borealis – Pray for Water

Tweede uur:     

Threshold – King of Nothing

Cover v/d week: Naxty Habit  – Wanted Dead or Alive

Renagate Angel – Dawn of Justice

Baggerbox: Spasm – Fatal Menstrual Defect

Enslaved – Kingdom

Elegy – The Elegant Solution

Prey for Nothing – The Sword Devours

Volbeat – Becoming

Malovolent Creation – The Coldest Survive