Na een week vakantie, konden we vanavond toch ons nieuwe ”album v/d maand presenteren, A-Z!

De playlist was als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Terra Nova – Ring that Bell

Trauma – Walk Away

At The Gates – Garden of Cyrus

Album v/d maand: A-Z – Trail by Fire

Martyr – La Diabla

Gurd – Taste for More

Death Angel – Voracious Souls

While She Sleeps – Eye to Eye

Midnight Rider – Beyond the Blood Red Horizon

Tweede uur:     

Toxik – Dis Morta

Cover v/d week: Lords Of The Lost – Childeren of The Dammed

Defacing God – The End of Times

Grave Digger – Witch Hunter

Baggerbox: Dokken w/George Lynch – Kiss of Death (live 2022)

Exiluim Noctis – Night Witches

The Offering – Wasp

Amon Amarth – Find A Way or Make One

Black Sabbath – Hot Line