In deze uitzending waren organisatoren van No Sleep Metalfest, Paul Scheers en Stef van Mierlo te gast. De playlist was als volgt:

Ozzy Osbourne – Patient No.9

Suspect Hostile – The Edgewood Arsenal

Queensryche – In Exstremis

Album v/d maand: Cave In – Searchers of Hell

L.A. Guns – No Mercy

Killing Cult Society – Sharks!

Angelic Forces – Arise

Sleeze Beez – Screwed Blued & Tatooed

Lifelong – Non servian act III

Tweede uur:     

Megadeth – We’ll Be Back: Chapter I

Cover v/d week: Night Demon – The Sun goes Down

Komatsu – Beat you to the Punch

Baggerbox: Social Distortion – Anti Fashion

Shuulak – Unholy Fire

Cryptosis – Death Technology

GWAR – Completely Fucked

Mouflon – Filth and Violence

Apollo Ra – To be a Hero

GodScum – For Liberty