In deze uitzending was de organisatie van Punk meets People ”das Festival” te gast! De playlist was als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Judas Priest – No Surrender

Saint Serpent – A Cold One

The Unslean – Quintessence

Album v/d maand: Dead Head – Southfork

Battlelore – Chambers of Fire

The Feelgood Mclouds – Drink to all my Friends

The Dead Daisies – Long Way To Go (live)

Pantera – War Nerve

Doing Fine – Holly Would Surrender

Tweede uur:     

Baest – Creature

Cover v/d week: Anti Flag – Should I Stay or Should I Go

Soulfly – Superstition

Baggerbox: Feuerswanz – Hier Kommt Alex

Subspectral – Straitjacket

Kreator – Strongest Of The Strong

Saint Serpent – Trailer Park Witch

Rawkingson – Symmertry of Stupidity