Deze avond was de playlist als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Thusky – There’s No Pain (In Champagne)

Crematory – Break Down the Walls

Queen/ Hetfield/ Iommi – Stone Cold Crazy

Album v/d maand: Evil Invaders – Eternal Darkness

Unherz – Löwenherz

Severe – Judas Love

Bastardane – Above All

Sideburn – Ride On

Alex Beyrodt – Weekend Warrior

Clutch – Red Alert (boss metal zone)

Tweede uur:     

BlackBeer – Sweet Life

Cover v/d week: Heathen – Kill the King

Arch Enemy – House of Mirrors

Baggerbox: Black Flag – Nervous Breakdown

Accuser – Who Dominates Who?

Machine Head – Choke on The Ashes of Your Rage

Dum Dum Bullet – Burning Power

Motor Sister – Can’t Get High Enough

Soulline – Screaming Eyes

Liege Lord – Master Control