Uitzending waarin Tony Spillman van Spillage via Skype te gast was.

Eerste uur:
Mastodon – Teardrinker
Count Raven – The Giver and the Taker
Shrapnel – Dark Age
Persefone – Merkabah
Me and That Man – Under the Spell (ft. Mary Goore)
Architects – Animals (snippet)
Album v/d maand: Spillage – Mirror Black

Tweede uur:
Exodus – Slipping into Madness
Cover v/d week: Enternal Frecuency – Head Like A Hole
Doro – Blood,Sweat and Rock ‘n’ Roll
Misery Signals – River King
Baggerbox: Amputated – Projectile Beer Vomit
TNT – Tell No Tales
The Lurking Fear – Funeral Abyss
Anvil – Jackhammer
Khemmis – Living Pyre
Jinger – Disclosure