Uitzending door Eddie, Kef en Theo. De dag dat we helaas niet konden praten over Stamfest

Eerste uur:
Nita Straus – Dead Insite
Ted Nugent – Come and Take It
Dead Lord – Evil always wins
Album v/d maand: Spillage – Book of Secrets
Times Of Grace – Far Frome Heavenless
UDO – Holy Invaders
Lucifer – Mausoleum
DYMYTRY – Chernobyl
Scorpions – Piecemaker

Tweede uur
Born Infected – Humanity Must End
Cover v/d week: Swedisch hits go Metal – Take a change on me
Darkwoods my Betrothed – Black fog and Poison Wind
Baggerbox: Generation X – One Hundred Punks
Infected rain – Fighter
The Halo Effect – Shadowminds
Kobold – Death Parade
Transport Aerian – Falling 20
Master – Heathen
Ultra Violence – L.F.D.Y