Uitzending door de voltallige crew

Eerste uur:
Helloween – Cyanide
Deep Purple – 7 and 7 is
Perzonal – War 5 More Days
Album v/d maand: A Pale Horse Named Death – Reflections of the Dead
Wilderun – Passenger
Anton Johansson – I Hear You Laughing (feat. Magnus Karlsson)
Ozzy / Lemmy – Hellraiser
Ad Infinitum – Afterlive ft. Nils Molin
Type O Negative – Green Man

Tweede uur:
KK Priest – Wild and Free
Cover v/d week: Heideroosjes – Poep In Je Hoofd
Unleashed – Where can you Flee?
Baggerbox: Lordi – Believe me
Tom Morello – Lets Get This party Started
Thulcandra – Nocturnal Heresy
Artillery – The Almighty
Russkaja – Russki style
Molybaron – Lucifer
Foreignwolf – Alone
Carcass – Maggot Colony