Uitzending door Eddie, Kevin en Theo

Eerste uur:
Monuments – Lavos
In Flames – When The World Explodes
Martyr – Fire of Rebellions
Album v/d/ maand: A Pale Horse Named Death – Lucifer’s Sun
Forth – Going crazy
Gamma Ray – Heading For Tomorrow
Trivium – No Way Back Just Through
Ignite – Anti Complicity Anthem

Tweede uur:
Sumo Cyco – Sun eater
Cover v/d week: Cannibal Corpse – Behind Bars
Hellgarden – Demoniac Convocation
Baggerbox: The Browning – End Of Existence
Spillage – Erased
Cyrox – Broken
Akiavel – Frozen Beauties
Autopsy – Twisted Mass of Burnt Decay
Bornholm – I am war god
Shadow Of Intent – From Ruin….We Rise
Temperance – Breaking The Rules of Heavy Metal
Nuclear Assault – Lesbians