De dag dat we Cristophe Depree van onder andere After All interviewden

Eerste uur:
After All – Kindred Spirits
Bokassa – Burn it all
Samson – Man Watcher
Album v/d maand: Dee Snider – All or Nothing More
The Last Things – Circle of Willis
Aeon Zen – III Chase the sunrise
Delirium Tremens – Read My Fist
Jerry Cantrell – Atone
Wings of Destiny – Shadowland
Five Finger Death Punch – Ain’t My Last Dance

Tweede uur:
Wolves In The Throne Room – Primal Chasm (Gift of Fire)
Cover v/d week: Tragedy – You’re the One That I Want
Heideroosjes – 2020 De Tering
Paradox – Mountains and Caves
Baggerbox: Feuerschwanz – Schildmaid
Rebel’s end – Black crow
Channel Zero – Black Fuel
Lamb Of God – Ghost Shaped People
Massacre – The Innsmouth Strain
Swallow The Sun – Falling World