De dag dat Dee Snider album van de maand werd. Uitzending door Eddie en Theo

Eerste uur:
Kiss – I Love It Loud
Powerwolf – Beast of GĂ©vaudan
ZZ Top – Lowdown In The Streed
Spitfire – Like A Lady
Album v/d Maand: Dee Snider – Down but never out
Saltatio Mortis – My Mother Told Me
Dark Arena – Dark Arena
Tremonti – If Not For You
Under the oak – Turned into leaves
Valyear – Dirty
Boneyard – Fates Warning

Tweede uur:
Savatage – Rage
Cover v/d week: Love And Dead – Let Me Love You
All against – Sociedade Hostil Feat Rui Corre
Slipknot – Slipknot
Baggerbox: We butter the bread with butter – 20 km/h
Saxon – Battering Ram
HellAndBack – Disobeying The God
Arch Enemy – You Will Know My Name
Exxperior – Escalating Conflicts…A World Goes Astray
Audio Reign – Relentless