In deze uitzending met Eddie, Jordy en Kevin was de playlist als volgt:

Eerste uur:

Iron Maiden – The Writing on the Wall

Sabaton – Defence of Moscow

Anthrax – The devil you Know (live(stream))

Album v/d maand: At the Gates – Garden of Cyrus

Warlock – I Rule the Ruins

Induction – Pay The Price

U.D.O. – Metal Never Dies

The Wring – Steelier

Keel – The Right to Rock

Tyler Leads – Electric Wastelands

Tweede uur:     

Fear Factory – Recode

Cover v/d week: D.O.A / Jello Biafra – We Gotta Get out of This Place

Judas Priest – Burn in Hell (live)

Baggerbox: S.O.D. – King at the King/Evil is in

Bullet For My Valentine – Knives

Annihilator – Dressed up for Evil

Slithering Decay – Doomsday Prayer

Madder Mortem – Formaldehyde

Holy Moses – Panic

De uitvaart: Kansas – Portriat (He Knew)