De uitzending dat we Willy en Harald van de Flea-Pit te gast hadden

Eerste uur:
Leprous – Running Low
The Flea-Pit – Blood red Awakening
Brainstorm – Where Ravens Fly
Album v/d maand:At the Gates – Touched By The White Hands Of Death
John Sykes – Out Alive
The Flea-Pit – Books
Liquid Therapy – Payback

Tweede uur:
Pestilence – Morbvs Propagationem
Cover v/d week: Stryper – On Fire
The Flea-Pit – The Barfly
Baggerbox: Scarecrow – Mark of the werewolf
Requiem – Collapse into Chaos
The Flea-Pit – Worm
Bodycount – The Hate is Real
Ex Deo – Imperator
The Flea-Pit – Last call