Deze avond waren Jordy, Kevin en gast technicus Jeroen aanwezig in de AFM studio. De playlist was als volgt:

Eerste uur:

KK’s Priest – Hellfire Thunderbolt

Interloper – Search Party

Paul Gilbert – Werewolves of Portland

Album v/d maand: The Vintage Caravan – Can’t get you off my Mind

The Gathering – Saturnine

Lindemann – Steh Auf

Generation Steel – The Eagle will Rise

Anthrax – One World (live)

Insomnium – The Reticent

Sum 41 – Pain and Pleasure

Tweede uur:     

Infernal Majesty – Overlord

Cover v/d week: The Wheelblocks  – Aces High

Desaster – Learn to love the viod

Havok – Executioner’s Tax

Baggerbox: Scorpions – To Be No.1

Helloween – Fear of the Fallen

Morgarten – The Last Breath

Artlillery – The Devil’s Symphony

Razor – Hypertension

Bloodletter – Disinterment

Herman Frank – Stand up and Fight