De playlist van 15 september, de dag dat we dominee Folkert de Jong te gast hadden

Eerste uur:
Iron Maiden – The Clansman
Demon Hunter – More than Bones
Loudness – This Lonely Heart
Album v/d maand: Stryper – Do unto others
Dead Lord – Distance over time
Thin Lizzy – Opium Trail
En Minor – Blue
Liquid Therapy – Payback

Tweede uur:
Ascension of the Watchers – Ghost Heart
Cover v/d week: Leo Moracchioli – Purple Haze
Godsnake – Stone the crow
Baggerbox: Halford – Oh Holy Night
Carnation – Where Death Lies
Helmet – Unsong
Dark Tranquillity – Phantom Days
Lords Of Black – Dying To Live Again
Skeletal Remains – Illusive Divinity
Destruction – Invinceble Force
Under the Oak – Turned into leaves