De avond dat Eddie, Kevin en Theo de uitzending verzorgden

Eerste uur:
Vicious Rumors – Any Last Words
Iced Earth – Distopia
Oceans of Slumber – A Return To The Earth Below
Album v/d maand: Stryper – Even the Devil believes
Wizard – Return Of The Worriors
Soziedad Alkoholika – Polvo en L’os Ojos
Lonewolf – Fallen Angel
John Petrucci – Gemini
Sapiency – Dangerous game

Tweede uur:
Six Feet Under – Amputator
Cover v/d week: Toy Dolls – The Final Countdown
Warfect – Pestilence
Baggerbox: Slay-52’s – Raining Lobsters
Queen – Sheer Hart Attack
Bloodred – immense Hall of Agony
Final Breath – Eyes Of Horror
Torch – Collateral Damage
Imperial Triumphant – Excelsior
Anaal Nathrakh – The Age of Starlight Ends
Overkill – Shine On
Ajna – Spiral