De playlist van 25 augustus. De uitzending waarin Jordy, Kevin en Theo Pim Goverde van Godscum interviewden

Eerste uur
Quiet Riot – Metal Heath (Bang your head)
The Progressive souls collective – Hurt
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Nobody Wierd like Me
Album v/d maand Onslaught – Addicted to the smell of death
Thundermother – Driving in style
GodScum – For Liberty
Deep Purple – Drop The Weapon
Gojira – Another World
Skálmöld – Niðavellir
W.A.S.P. – Chainsaw Charlie

Tweede uur
Helstar – Black Wings of Solitude
Cover v/d week: Kat – Blackout
Carcass – the living dead at the manchester..
Baggerbox: Gutalax – Cursed Fart in Pet Bottle
Soulwound – The Cult of I
Joe Satriani – Nineteen Eighty
Mr. Bungle – Raping your Mind
Annexation – Beyond humanity
Raven – The Top of the Mountain
Azath – Children of the dead seed
Lords of the lost – A one ton heart