De playlist van 18 augustus, de dag dat we de hele crew compleet hadden

Eerste uur:
Van Halen – On Fire
Iron Maiden – The Trooper
Kamelot – Sacrimony (Angel of Afterlife)
Album v/d maand: Onslaught – Bow down the clowns
Armored Saint – End of the Attention Span
Jimi Hendrix – Al Along The Watchtower
Motley Crue – Hammered
UFO – Hot ’n ready
Down – Lifer
Anvil – Metal On Metal

Tweede uur:
Die Kreatur – Untergang
Cover v/d week: Guns And Roses – I dont Care About You
Vicious Rumors – Pulse Of The Dead
Baggerbox: The Exploited – Sexual Favour
Devildriver – Iona
Dee Snider – Tommorows No Concern
Necrot – Stench Of Decay
Defender – Deathly Peril
Megadeth – Me hates You
Noumena – Seula
Malevolent Creation – Bleed us Free
The Outliers – World on fire