De playlist van 11 augustus uitzending door Kevin, Eddie en Theo

Eerste uur:
Kenziner – Heroes ride
John Petrucci – Terminal Velocity
Amaranthe – Viral
Album v/d maand: Onslaught – Strike fast, Strike hard
Vanishing Point – Shadow World
The Flea-Pit – One of a Kind
Annihalator – Armed To The Teeth
Nightmare – Aeternam
Deep Purple – Drop the Weapon
Sabaton Ft. Apocalyptica – Angels Calling

Tweede uur:
Bleed from within – A Depth That No One Dares
Cover v/d week: Entombed – Back at the funny farm
John Coffey – Broke Neck
Baggerbox: Corey Taylor feat. Tech N9ne and Kid Bookie – CMFT Must Be Stopped
Benediction – Rabid Carnality
Testament – Rise Up
Voracious Scourge – Voracious Scourge
Immortal – Grim and Dark
Metalwings – Crying Of The Sun
Vampire – Wiru-Akka
Rainbow – Do you close your eyes