Eerste uur:
Saxon – Princess Of The Night
Picture – Get me Rock and Roll
Pain of Salvation – Restless Boy
Album v/d/maand: Onslaught – A Perfect Day To Die
Three Days Grace – I Am Machine
Unleash the archers – Soulbound
Primal Fear – Hear me Calling
Amon Amarth – Raise Your Horns
Assignment – Mercyful Angel
Raven – Top of the Mountain
Turpentine Valley – Onweer

Tweede uur:
Arch Enemy – The Eagel Flies Alone
Cover v/d/ Week: Redemption – Peace sell’s
Incantation – Fury’s Manifesto
Baggerbox: The Adicts – 4321
Vampire – Serafim
Philip H Anselmo & Warbeast – Conflict
Death Decline – Useless Sacrifice
Mosh-pit Justice – Designed to suffer
Acid Reign – My Open Mind
Piledriver – Metal Death Racer
Velvet Viper – The fear of death