Playlist van 21 juli, weer eens met de volledige crew

Eerste uur:
Thundermother – Loud and Alive
Dickinson – Tears of a dragon
Martyr – Fire of Rebellions
Album v/d maand: Paralydium – Crystal of Infinity
Trivium – Strife
Limos – Rise to Arms
Perfect Nme – Legion
Derek Sherinian – Empyrean Sky
Dragon Force – Through The Fire And Flames
Ensiferum – Andromeda

Tweede uur:
R├╝ckwater – Cruel thing
Cover v/d week: Heaven Shall Burn – The Cry of Mankind
Metal Church – The Dark
Baggerbox: Udo + Das Musikkorps des bundeswehr – Mother earth
Leading Light – It hurts
The Committee – Infection – Sensible
Dominus – Dancing With Magic
Onslaught – Empires fall
Dead Cross – Devine filth