De playlist van 14 juli, een avond dat de crew weer compleet was en we Tjerk Maas interviewden over Dynamo Stream

Eerste uur:
Phrasing – Steel yourself
Blackballed – Show me the light
Album v/d maand: Paralydium – Finding the Paragon
Queen – Hammer to Fall
Godsmack – Under Your Scars
Martyr – No time for goodbyes
Madhouse – Poisened blood
Vicious Rumors – Death Eternal

Tweede uur:
Black Sabbath – Rusty Angels
Cover v/d week: Nergard – Under fire
Bruce Dickinson – Freak
Baggerbox: Slaughter & The Dogs – Scream And Scream Again
Enslaved – Jettegryta
Goblins blade – Final Fall
Ultra Violence – The Beast Behind youre back
Hollow Ground – Warlord
Graceless – Here be Dragons
Svart Crown – Thermageddon
Hatchet – Silent genocide