De playlist van 30 juni, de uitzending waarin de volledige crew in de studio was en we Ferdi van Docter Steel Meelorder interviewden

Eerste uur:
Grave Digger – Barbarian
Usurper – Midlife Christ
Iron Maiden – The Prophecy
Album v/d maand: Alestorm – Pirate’s Scron
Ravenlight – End of The World
Deafcon – Nicci
Cirith Ungol – Atom Smasher
Rose Tattoo – Astra Wally
Maryscreek – My Confession

Tweede uur:
Heathen – The Blight
Cover v/d week: Punk Rock Factory – Blinding Lights
Lady Beast – Runes of Rust
Baggerbox: Braindrill – Apocalyptic Feasting
Doro – Brickwall
Hibria – Steel Lord On Weels
Warbringer – The Black Hand Reached out
Limos – Child of the white Eye
Sinister – Deformation of the Holy Realm
Elvenpath – Sentinel Of The Past
Ultra Violence – The way I’ll Stay