In de uitzending met Eddie, Jordy en Kevin was de playlist als volgt:

Eerste uur:

AC/DC – Back in Black

The Agonist – A Devil made Do It

Wizard – Messenger of Death

Album van de maand: Alestorm – Zombies ate my Parate ship

Primal Fear – I am Alive

Gwar – Ill be You’re Monster

Liquid Tension Experiment – Acid Rain

Pantera – Walk

Last in Line – Year of The Gun

Protest the Hero – The Canary

Tweede uur:    

The Pretty Recless – Dead By Rock And Roll

Cover van de week: Scorpions – Rock you like a hurricane (unplugged)

Azath – Knight of Chains

Baggerbox: Grolschbusters – I’m Just A Punk

The End Machine – Alive Today

Mekong Delta – A Colony of Liar Men

Venom – Witching Hour

Burning Rain – Face The Music

Legion of the Damned – Atomicide

Annihilator – In The Blood

Lamb of God – Gears