De playlist van 9 juni, eerste keer volledige crew sinds lange tijd

Eerste uur:
Megadeth – One Thing
Haken – Invasion
Warkings – Warriors
Album v/d maand: Alestorm – Pirate Metal drinking crew
He Is Legend – Burn All Your Rockrecords
Twisted Sister – The Kids Are Back
King Witch – Body of Light
Mushroomhead – The heresy
Dropkick Murphis – Smash Shit Up
Alice Cooper – We dont Give Up

Tweede uur:
Aversions Crown – The Soil
Cover v/d week: BPMD – We’re an american band
Overkill – Goddamn Thouble
Baggerbox: Lordi – Zombimbo
Immortal – Blashyrk (Mighty Ravendark)
Greedy Capitalist – Deconstructive Disobedience
Tarja – Dead Promises
Girish and the Cronicles – She’s heavy metal
Death – Without Judgement
Valvera – All systems fail
Godsmack – 1000hp