Der playlist van 17 maart, de dag dat we de bands van het Böttekloevenfestival bekend maakten

Eerste uur:
Grave Digger – All for the kingdom
Annihilator – The perfect virus
Iron Maiden – Drifter
Album v/d maand: Ozzy Osbourne – It’s a Raid
MarysCreek – Buried deep within
Lucifer – Leather Demon
Wolf – Feeding the machine
Iced Earth – Iced Earth
Cloven Hoof – Ascension
Saxon – Heavy metal Thunder

Tweede uur:
Vader – Shock and Awe
Cover v/d week: Halestorm – Bad Romance
An evening with knives – Escape
Baggerbox: The Distillers – City Of Angels
White Stones – Rusty Shell
Finntroll – Helvete
Fleddy Melculy – Stop!
Seven Thirty – Awful fight
Sacred Reich – Rest in Peace
Eciton – Written awareness
Butcher Babies – Monster Ball