De playlist van 3 maart, de eerste dag met Ozzy als album van de maand

Eerste uur:
Burning Witches – Dance with the Devil
Shakra – A roll of the dice
Raggende Manne – Naar Voren…!
Album v/d maand: Ozzy Osbourne – Scary little green men
Dio – Rock ’n roll children
Intronaut – Pangloss
At first – Infinity
AC/DC – Black ice
Thunder – Love walked in
Sodom – Bombenhagel

Tweede uur:
Havok – Phantom Force
Cover v/d week: Lena Scissorhands – All the things she said (t.A.T.u.)
Null Positiv – Kollaps
Baggerbox: Gutalax – Toi, toi story
Napalm Death – Logic ravaged by brute force
Metal Church – Dead on the Vine
Newsted – Soldierhead
Dark Fortress – A spider in the web
Fleddy Melculy – Fuck uw vrienden
Five Finger Dead Punch – This is War
Race Of Light – Mechanicals