De playlist van 29 oktober, uitzending waarop we vooruitblikten op Holland Heavy

Eerste uur:
Ghost Ship Octavius – Delirium
Biff Byford – Welcome to the Show
Power Theory – Force of will
Album van de maand: Steel Panther – Sneaky Little Bitch
Nickelback – Lullaby
Helloïse – Cosmogony
Phil Campbell ft.Rob Halford – Straight Up
Valcata – Beyond
Samson – Riding With The Angels
Live: Elise – Witchfinder

Tweede uur:
Overkill – Shine on
Cover van de week: Tysondog – School’s out
Izegrim – Victim Of Honer
Baggerbox: Slayer and Wham! – Tropicana Death Ensemble
Rammstein – Deutschland
Rotting Christ – Tyrannical
Green Day – Father Of All …..
Sodom – Down On Your Knees
Arch Enemy – Dead Eyes see no Future
Lacuna Coil – Sword of Anger